Inside Bell Rock, Torquay
Image by Dan Bolt

Welcome to the UK’s freshest new outdoor swimming guide: Beyond the Beach: the secret wild swims of Torbay by Matt Newbury and Sophie Pierce.Torbay was once known as ‘Queen of the Watering Places’. Thousands flocked to this sheltered corner of the Devon coast to enjoy the sea swimming; the sea is what made the resort famous. And yet over the years this seems to have been forgotten.

In this new book, Matt Newbury and Sophie Pierce take the reader back into the waters of Torbay, to rediscover its sparkling clear waters, and its coves, caves, cliffs and corals. Most people never explore beyond the main beaches, but this book shows there is far more to this coastline than deckchairs and doughnuts. With stunning images by underwater photographer Dan Bolt, a new, wild and beautiful side to Torbay is revealed.

The book looks at the history of swimming in the Bay, before taking the reader on 15 aquatic explorations. Each chapter contains useful, practical information, as well as inspiring the reader to get in the water and have an adventure.

This book is essential whether you’re a wild swimmer, a tourist with a yen for adventure,  someone who fancies giving relatively safe outdoor swimming a try, or just a person who loves beautiful and interesting books” – Lynne Roper, wild swimming blogger

I for one would never have known that so close to that most quintessential of English towns, Torquay, was a barely explored wilderness”  Carl Reynolds, who blogs as The Aquatic Ape

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